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Kwanzaa Gifts, Supplies and Decorations,

Happy Kwanzaa! Celebrate the Kwanzaa Festival tradition with our line of Kwanzaa supplies and products. These beautifully designed sets contain all the symbols of Kwanzaa you will need to celebrate and teach others about the festival. Our Kinara (candleholder) is hand carved in beautiful wood. Representing the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles), the candles are a high quality and color - one black, three red and three green. An elegant hand-carved unity cup, (Umoja Kikombe) represents unity, the first principle of Kwanzaa. The mat (Mkeka) on which the other Kwanzaa symbols are placed, represents history and traditions and by adding ears of corn to represent children, you can complete your display. In addition to our Kwanzaa kit is our hand carved Harvest Bowl, (Mavuno Bakuli). Simply add fruits or vegetables and this will add a sense of the Harvest to complete your display. 

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