How big are the Address Books?
The perfect size: 5" X 7." Big enough to store all the important information about all the people you know, and small enough to take with you. Each page has space for 5 listings including name, address, phone, office phone, fax, pager, mobile, & email. The books contain alphabetical tabs with 4 pages per tab. Plus 8 pages of lined paper at the back for important notes. Great to own, Great to give! Available in a velvety black "suede" finish or smooth finished black cloth. Sold separately or as part of a gift pack with a journal or 5"X 7" matted print of the same design.

How do I find more art by the same artist?
On the artist's home page you'll see a selection of pictures by the named artist along with information about the artist's life and career. From any card detail page, click on the picture to see more designs by the same artist,

What greetings are available?
All our cards (except Kwanzaa Greeting Cards and the Patch Doll Note Cards) are available blank or greeted with a choice of the "standard greeting" identified by a "G" in the style number. i.e. "KM 1 G" is the standard Greeting while "KM 1 Kwanzaa" is an alternate greeting for Kwanzaa. Other styles have special greetings shown on the card detail pages denoted as "Birthday", "Thanks" or Anniversary." If you are Faxing your order, the correct greeting must be written on the Order Form to be sure you get the correct merchandise. Most cards are offered as "Thank you," "Happy Birthday," or "Thinking of you..." by writing "TY", "HB" or Think" after the style number. AFAM 31, 32 and 33 are only available with Kwanzaa greetings and the Patch Doll Cards are only available blank.

Can I order the design I like as a blank card?
All our cards are printed on recycled paper. All of our styles except for the Kwanzaa greeting cards (Afam 31, 32 and 33) are available blank.

Can I order blank cards in boxes to give as gifts?
All of our 5" X 7" cards are available in boxed sets of eight of the same card with 9 envelopes. They are boxed in clear vinyl with the fronts of the cards visible on the top and bottom. They make excellent gifts at only $12 for eight cards!

How do I find out what is available for a design that I like?
If you'd like to know more about a card on the artist's page, simply click on it and you'll go to a card detail page. Here you'll see a larger picture of the card along with the greetings that appear inside the card. To return to the Artist's page click on the picture or hit your browser's back button.

How do I see work by an artist whose name I don't know?
To see the work of a particular artist, and learn about the artist go to the "Artists" then click on a picture or the artist's name in the list, or click on the picture from any card detail page. To learn more about the artist, click on "Show me more designs," and if we have more designs by the artist you're interested in, we'll have more information for you.

How do I find the right card?
Since we offer hundreds of cards with multiple greetings, it may seem like a challenge just to find the right card. We've developed 2 ways of finding what you want at Designs For Better If you want something by a particular artist, like Carlotta Swain-Ward, click on the "Artists' Galleries" link and then select her name from the list and click on it. If you want to browse through our designs by greeting categories, or special occasions click on "Greeting Cards" and then select the occassion or type of greeting you are looking for.

What Gifts can I order and have sent directly from the website?
Designs For Better Giving offers Address Books,Carved Cups, Journals, Kwanzaa sets. Matted Prints,Boxed Cards and Place mats and Gift Sets just click on the type of gift you want to see in detail or go to the price list for more information.

What is a Gift Set?
We offer all occassion gift sets which are composed of an address book or a matted print and a journal, and Kwanzaa Kits which include a kinara, cup and mat. . The gift sets include matching cards. We will even fill in the card and mail it for you the same day we receive your order or the next business day after receiving your order! Gift sets are available on the individual design pages for each design that we offer.

Journals can be ordered with any designs you find on the Designs For Better website They are also available in gift packs with a matching matted print or an address book and card. Have it shipped directly to your friend or relative with a card that matches the cover of the book! Our Journals are 7" X 9" with a full rap wire-o-ground for the ability to lay flat when writing or drawing, and has the look of a fine book when closed. Containing 128 pages of off while recycled 70# paper that is wonderful to draw on, and it is shipped with a template that gives neat evenly spaced written entries. The printed image is mounted in a recessed space on the cover, so you won't have to worry about it peeling off or being damaged along the edges. Journals are available in 2 covers: Black linen, and natural kraft paper.


Kwanzaa Items
Designs For Better offers a full range of Kwanzaa Items including Kinaras, unity cups and maps. The traditional style hand carved kinaras available in two sizes. Our 2 modern designs for Kinaras are available in natural light wood, walnut stained wood, and two-tone wood. Handcarved Unity Cups are available one size only, "Tulip" design Unity Cups are available in two sizes, Handwoven mats, Memory Books and Boxed Greeting Cards as well as Individual cards are available for Kwanzaa '99.(all our kinaras are shipped with 1 set of free candles) Kwanzaa kits include the Kinara, cup and mat. All you need to add is an ear of dried corn for each member of the family.

Our hand woven jute mats with its hand knotted fringe is the perfect accompanyment to the solid wood Kinara and hand turned cup used to celebrate Kwanzaa. Just add to your display 1 ear of dried corn for each member of the family and you're all ready to begin. Our handsome mats make great oversized placemats and centerpiece clothes all year around.

Which designs are available as matted prints?
Most of Designs For Better Giving's 5" X 7" designs can be matted in our 8" X 10" double mats. Available in black or white each one has a gold fillet and fits perfectly into a standard 8" X 10" frame. We sell our matted prints separately or as part of a gift pack with a journal or a 5"X 7" address book. If you order a matted print from us today to give as a gift, we'll even write your message on the card, sign your name to the card and send it off tomorrow!


Does Designs For Better Giving make small size cards (packaged cards)?
Our small size cards are available only in packages. We offer packages of 8 cards and 9 envelopes in 19 different syles for a variety of uses. Click on "Packaged Cards"in the header menu to take you to our full selection which includes Change of Address, Birth Announcements, Invitations and Thank You Notes. These are a convenient inexpensive way of buying multiple cards of the same design. All our Packaged Cards are $3.95 per package.

Can I personalize greetings on cards that I order?
Click on "Write your own greeting".


How do I order cards?
Once you've decided on a card or gift you'd like to order, simply add it to your shopping cart.


To place an order:
1. Over the Internet, using our secure server, click on "Add to Cart" for each item you wish to order, once you have selected everything you want to order, follow the instructions on the order form, being sure to fill in all the blanks. We use an encrypted secure server and you'll never have to worry about the information being given to any other party.

2. FAX : If you are going to fax your order, you can fill in the order form and print it out on your printer and then fax it. We'll try to fill it the very same day! Please provide your phone number so we can contact you in case of questions regarding your order. We will not pass on or sell any information from our database to anyone for any reason.

3. Order Toll Free at 877-332-4478

4. We will give you a personal confirmation, and try to ship your order the next working day.

How do you ship the goods to me and what do you charge?
We usually ship by Fed Ex. Ground or U.S.P.S. for orders shipped to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states





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